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A software that creates an Index of your music files. Can be used with mAirList® if no database is associated.


Scans directories for specific file extensions and deletes those older than the retention code specified.

COM Port Interface

This program is based on the same logic as the Parallel Port Interface and can be used with mAirList® to control a Conrad™ 8-way relay board.
(Item No. 197720 or 197730)

Conditional Reboot

Reboots your PC only if certain programs are NOT running. Great for keeping the Playoutbackup PC always available.

Downloader (HTTP)

Downloads a file from a Webserver using the HTTP-Protocol. Very useful if no anonymous FTP download available.

FTP Get Client

A simple FTP program that when called downloads a text file via the FTP Get command.

FTP Put Client

A simple FTP Program that when called uploads a file via the FTP Put command.
There exist a version for uploading ascii files, binary files and a command line version for binary files.

Parallel Port interface

This Program is meant to be used together with mAirList® and the Cartwall described in our technical section.
The program continuously reads its control files (one for each output) and drives the corresponding line on the parallel port depending on the value written to the control file.

mAirList® REST Client

This program ist intended to control mAirList® via its REST interface.

mairList® Web Interface

A web interface for controlling mAirList® remotely via a standard webbrowser. Shell commands on the local machine can also be executed remotely.

Podcast Checker

A program that checks a list of Podcast files for integrity and validity. Invalid files might be replaced by a substitute file.

Podcast Downloader

Here we have 2 versions available. Download a single Podcast file and download multiple Podcasts from different Feeds. The "multiple" version is incomplete, thus lacking a config panel for the reference file. However the reference file can be setup by using a standard text editor.

Running Check

These programs, when triggered check if a certain program is running.
If the program is stopped (due to crash or whatever problem) a restart of the program is performed.
At the same time, a restart flag is written to a file. If the running check program is triggered the next time and the program to be checked is found stopped again, a reboot of the machine is performed.

There exist 2 versions of this program, one checks for the window caption of the program, the other checks for the image/process name.


This is a simple program that triggers another one on a specified interval.
It could be used for triggering the ftp get program (as an example) to fetch the RDS data off a remote server at a certain interval rate.

Due to the simplicity of the program a maximum interval of 65535 ms is possible as the timer object in the code only allows interval values of integer type.

Shoutcast Interface

A program for updating songinfo on 2 independant shoutcastservers, a webserver (Now Playing info) and providing data for RDS coders. It can be used in automatic mode, assist mode and manual mode.

It includes a "chat function" for sending messages from the studio and can handle an exception list to prevent certain information from being sent (Jingle info, Sweeper Info, ...)

A complete documentation is included.

Write ID3 Tag

This Program can be run from command line or via a batch job. The parameters specified on the commandline are Tarrget File, Artist and Title. All other ID3V1 and ID3V2 field get cleared. So only use it on files that contain no ID3 tag or on files where clear of all other fields is desired.

Simple Shoutcast Interface

 A program for sending metadata to 2 independant shoutcastservers.

It was originally designed prior to the 'Shoutcast Interface' program to be used to send the showname (or other metadata) when no song or a musicbed is on air.

The program runs in 'Trayicon'-mode and buttons may be activated via 'Sendkey' programs included with the distribution.

These 'Sendkey' programs can be launched with the respective Cartplayer if scripting is supported like in mAirList®.

Example scripts are included.